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West Vancouver Would-be Home Sellers New Year Resolutions

If you plan to sell your real estate home in West Vancouver in 2013, here are some of the new year resolutions that some real estate expert would suggest:

Tip One:
Prepare your most precious asset well to present to the potential home buyers. First thing first, you want to de-clutter your home. Dig deep in your closets, storage room, and garage. Find those old stuff that you believe you would never ever use them. Donate them to local charity organizations or local schools. Give your basement and garage a fresh new paint. Don’t find excuses to postpone the painting job again. No No not again in this new year. Do some changes to your bathroom to make it feel bigger and brighter. You might find other jobs necessary to make your home sell-able. So plan ahead.

Tip Two:
Do plenty of think and plan if you are thinking of a purchase and a sale at the same time. Most of the cases it will bring home sellers enough headaches and stresses. What if you can’t afford to close a purchase before selling your West Vancouver home? What if your next dream home price go well ahead of your expected home selling price? However to many home owners, buying and selling home at the same time are unavoidable. That’s why you need to look at tip three.

Tip Three:
Talk to the best West Vancouver real estate agent early from when you have the idea to sell your home. To her, your home selling question might not be her first ever question. She will help you put the pieces together and solve your puzzle efficiently. She will give you advice on your situation and pull her resources work for you.

Talk to Susie, your best and trust-worthy West Vancouver real estate expert today.

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