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4 Bad Home Buying Mistakes You Want To Avoid

When you think that you have saved enough money for the down pay, you must feel very excited that you are ready to buy your dream home. And you want to make sure not to make the following 4 mistakes so that you won’t be surprised when make the offer.

1. Not Take Other Expenses Into Budget for Buying a Home

Don’t let the feature of your dream home over-excites you. You got to think about the “running cost” of owning that home. Some examples are property tax, utility cost, major repair cost, maintenance expenses and so on. Because you need to identify how much you will pay to keep that home otherwise you might end up finding homes that are not within your budget. And just make you lust for a home that you cannot buy.

2. Skip Mortgage Qualification

Get to know how much the bank would be willing to lend you before you hunt for dream home for sale is a wise move. So that you are well prepared financially and are certain about your limit when make an offer. Otherwise you could end up wasting both your and your buying agent’s time if bank denies your mortgage application after you sign a contract with the home seller.

3. Be Overexcited or Be Too Picky

Don’t be over-emotional when you spot your dream home. You need to be cool and find as many defects as possible in order to take the bargain advantage when negociate the contract. But you don’t want to be too picky as well. Try to be realistic in establishing your standards or desires.

4. Not Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

There are so many advantages of having a buying agent to assist you with home buying process. However you could not afford not to hire such a professional. Besides, you don’t pay them to be your buying agent. Having the best professional agent to help you buy West Vancouver luxury home is the best choice.

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