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Canadian Millionaire’s Extension Plan to His London Luxury Home Angered Wealthy Neighbours

Canadian Millionaire, 75 years old David Graham has plans to build a three-storey basement extension underneath the former magistrates’ court turned home, which angered his wealthy neighbours. According to DailyMail UK.

That luxury home which David Graham plans to extend is located in Knightsbridge. This luxury extension will need 4 years to complete, including a 14-metre swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, massage room, ballroom, covered courtyards, staff accommodation, parking for three vehicles, a turning circle and a car lift, plus wine cellars, an art storage room, gym facilities and a his and hers changing room.

Canadian David Graham London Luxury Home

The home will descend more than 50ft below the surface – deeper than the height of neighbouring houses. A lot of concerns and argues about his extension plan arise because of that. Not only his weathy neighbours are angered by his plan, but a lot of comments showed that people did not welcome it either.

luxury home floor plan

Like this “GoUKIP” from Lincolnshire commented:
I get the concerns if it were above ground but FOR GOODNESS SAKE?I think its jealousy with a lot of people, good luck to them I say. – Lynn , liverpool, United Kingdom, 06/11/2012 19:17______this isn’t jealousy. These are very valid concerns. Having lived in Canada and used to canadian thinking with their basement renovations. It is a very serious concern the neighbours houses will be affected.

A comment by “Nick” from Toronto said:
Good grief. I can’t believe people are saying that it shouldn’t be a problem if you can’t see it. Don’t you know anything about basic construction? They’re digging around foundations. Foundations! You know, the things things are built on. His and other people’s! Even if you get all the figures right, things go wrong. Think of building sandcastles. It’s a lot easier adding sand on top than building the moats. They’re always seem to collapse.

“Anne” from Aderdeen commented:
My neighbours spent 6 weeks doing rennovations and that was disturbing enough – imagine 4 years!! No consideration for others nowadays.

Read the full story here.

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